Sangfor HCI Case Study Disaster Recovery Solution for Koperasi Nusantara

Customer Background :
With over 1000 employees and 212 branches, Koperasi Nusantara (Indonesia) provides financial services for SMEs. They help customers solve problems with loans and maximize capital efficiency for them. The rapid business growth has urged Koperasi Nusantara to build a new data center as Disaster Recovery site. Main applications they are using for business right now are IIS, Active Directory, DHCP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Customer Challenge/Demand :
As business continues to expand, it has occurred to Koperasi Nusantara that they are in great need of a second data center. They want to have two IT systems that are functionally identical and switchable; so that in the occasion of accidents/disasters, applications can be entirely switched from one system to another and business can stay online without interruption. However, the cost of building an entire data center from scratch did give Koperasi Nusantara a headache. They were looking at purchasing a serious of equipment from different vendors and investment in increased server footprint. They would need to train their IT managers to be familiar with a variety of hardware and software operations. Furthermore, with all those added products from multiple vendors, pinpointing an error would become even harder. All in all, the purchase of assets, the training of skilled staff, the extended hours in maintenance together would raise the cost while lower the working efficiency.

Sangfor HCI Solution :
The alternative solution provided by another vendor requires a much higher budget. After being introduced to Sangfor HCI solution, Koperasi Nusantara has shown great interests in the NFV (Network Function Virtualization) feature and the option of reutilizing their old servers.

Sangfor HCI Solution, Some Highlights :
• About 60 VMs are migrated from VMware to Sangfor HCI as DR.
• vNGAF is responsible for WAF, IPS and threat prevention for the North-South traffic flow.
• TCO is lowered by up to 68% and higher performance for computing, storage, network bandwidth and business scaling-out is achieved.
• aNET (Network Virtualization) simplifies the network topology and maintenance. Customer no longer needs to arrange IT specialists for it.

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